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In our church sometimes members present some of their own thoughts. Some of these are shown in this blog

2013 October: Vision of our church- Kathleen

I have been reading text from our website, and listening at meetings and the one phrase resonates the most with me is that our purpose is “building a community of faith”. I like the word “building”. We could say we are “becoming” or “creating” or even that we “are” a community of faith. But “building” is better I think, because it is an effort to build and is often never done- as you find out when you have a house. Building is a process, a continual process that requires people of different skills to each contribute what they can do best. You wouldn’t want to live in a house only build by plumbers or electricians and how would you get into a house only built by roofers? Jesus came to show us how to be the best human, and he was a builder. We need to be builders too. Not expecting to finish the job, but to be at the job of building. Continue reading 2013 October: Vision of our church- Kathleen

October 2013: Vision of our Church-Dave

Picture this….Game 2 of the World Series….Bottom of the 6th inning.

The St. Louis pitcher is 22 year-old Michael Wacha who has been dominating the Boston batters for 5 innings. But he walks Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz comes to bat. With two strikes on him he hits a line drive to left field that barely clears the wall, called the “Green Monster”, for a home run and the Red Sox go ahead 2 to 0. YES!

But it wasn’t enough. The Cardinals eventually scored two more runs and won the game 4 to 2. Big Papi gave his all, but it wasn’t enough to win the game.

Sometimes life is like that, our best effort does not seem to be enough. Games are lost, plans go amiss, projects fail, we lose our way. In the way the world judges, we don’t succeed.

I’m thinking however, that God sees things differently. The dedication we bring to the work we do in God’s name, our unselfish efforts and our commitment to lead a life of Christ’s calling will make it possible for him to use our efforts to bring comfort and justice to a troubled world. Continue reading October 2013: Vision of our Church-Dave

October 2013: Visions of our church- Sandy

As I reflect on what brought me to church once I was out on my own and had a choice about church, I keep coming back to two things. First, the awe I experience each time people worship together and open themselves to the possibility of transformation and deeper belief in the power of God. And second, the opportunity to be (and learn to be better at being) the hands and feet of Jesus together, in today’s world.

As a church, we are many, and have an incredible opportunity to show the love of God through our service to each other when in need, and to any of the many less fortunate in our community, country and world. The power of one is mighty, with God’s help; but I ask you to consider the power of 100…

Continue reading October 2013: Visions of our church- Sandy