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e of the best ways to get to know this community is by sharing in the variety of opportunities for learning and fellowship. We have provided this website to allow those unfamiliar with our family to learn more. Further, this website is intended to create better communication with our family. Faith is a warm and friendly place to see God at work and experience the message of Jesus Christ. We are a church dedicated to building a faith community. If there is anyway in which we can make you feel at home here, please do not hesitate to call or contact us via e-mail.

Christmas Concert this Friday- Dec 9th 7:80

A mix of classical music as well as Christmas classics in our annual winter concert.  Eastman students will spot light not only their incredible talent, but their love of live music played for the season.  It is free and all are welcome.  There will be a free will donation to support church ministries as well as special homemade deserts afterwords.  In past years, this has been a highlight of our Advent season, blessing us with  the uplifting joy of this musical gift.  Please join us!

advent-candleAdvent Tis the Season

Tis the season… But the season for what?  With so many ads, to do lists and events both wonderful and stressful, it is hard to keep a candle lit in our souls waiting for the Christ child, God’s promise to us that he would be with us- Emanuel.  Our church will strive during advent to keep that candle of faith, hope and love alive in our holiday through worship, fellowship and mission.  Please know you are welcome to come join our family in this season. You were never alone, God was always with you, but we hope you find yourselves also with other souls striving to hold onto the real joy of the season.

Advent Blog #2: Luke Readings-  

elizabeth_zechariahNote earlier entries in blog link below:

Reading 2:Luke 1:8-17

Background  An angel comes to Zechariah while he is in temple acting as priest.  At that time if there were too many priests, they would take turns.  Note how much emphasis there is on this pious Jew, the central role of the temple and its priests and traditions.  Luke is picking up the story of Israel and connecting it to the birth of John and then Jesus.  An important point in this Gospel, as well as Acts, is the continuity of God’s plan for humanity and his convenient with the chosen people as part of that, which is continued and expanded through Jesus.

Focus Verse Luke 1:12 “When Zechariah saw him, he was terrified; and fear overwhelmed him.”  Or from King James “And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him.”

I like the description of fear falling on us, like a live thing that attacks us.  Poor Gabriel, in the birth narrative he is never greeted with a “yay it’s an angel- it must be good news!”.  But instead, fear pounces on everyone at first.  Like Zechariah, they are afraid.  Can we blame them?  What if an Angel appeared before you- wouldn’t you be confused, wondering if maybe they really want someone else, more important- someone more brave?  It is important to notice who Gabriel does come to.  It isn’t the amazing or the important, it is to young girls and old men, confused carpenters and grubby shepherds.  Ultimately, it is to us, like kids in the back of the classroom without our hands up, when our good teacher knows us and our worth better than we do.  Ready or not, the message is coming.