wreathIf you do not have a church home we hope that you will consider becoming a part of our church family. One of the best ways to get to know this community is by sharing in the variety of opportunities for learning and fellowship. We have provided this website to allow those unfamiliar with our family to learn more. Further, this website is intended to create better communication with our family. Faith is a warm and friendly place to see God at work and experience the message of Jesus Christ. We are a church dedicated to building a faith community. If there is anyway in which we can make you feel at home here, please do not hesitate to call or contact us via e-mail.

Turn Black to Greenadvent-candle

If you are getting mauled by the mall-don’t let holiday stress and lists change Christmas to Xmas this year.. Turn black Friday back into green with a bit of fellowship and cheer and come to decorate the Church tomorrow- Saturday the 29th at 3:30PM.  It won’t take long and I happen to know of a donut shop real close  –  ooooh food coma coming back on.
There is a lot that will challenge us this advent to take the time to open our hearts and prepare for God’s gift, but we are in it together and can help both ourselves and others.
Think of this: Yesterday people all over our country stopped and said thank you.  For 15 families part of that thanks was the solid proof that God cares because in our church we were honored to be his hands and provide them with a Thanksgiving meal.  Thank you to all of you who contributed and particularly the ones that took extra time this year to make this happen.

advent imageCheck out this YouTube video about Finding the true meaning of Christmas





Come and Find the True Meaning of Christmas with us

A different way of thinking about Checking, Decking and Dashing….