If you do not have a church home we hope that you will consider becoming a part of our
church family. On
e of the best ways to get to know this community is by sharing in the variety of opportunities for learning and fellowship. We have provided this website to allow those unfamiliar with our family to learn more. Further, this website is intended to create better communication with our family. Faith is a warm and friendly place to see God at work and experience the message of Jesus Christ. We are a church dedicated to building a faith community. If there is anyway in which we can make you feel at home here, please do not hesitate to call or contact us via e-mail.

Holy Week and Easter

The weather here in Rochester may not know what season it is, but we know it is the season of Lent leading to the drama of Holy Week and the Triumph of Easter. The Palm is a sign of victory and we remember the crowds in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday waving palms shouting, “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord—the King of Israel!” But what victory were they expecting?  A military one for many.  I doubt many would have expected the victory on a cross. But Jesus knew- he knew one week after the palms waved in entrance, there would be holes in palms of his hands from the cross.  He knew he would show them to Thomas who didn’t believe unless he could put his fingers in the holes.  Jesus would say to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” John 20:29.   He was talking about us, who are trying to remember and believe.  This Holy Week, share with us God’s victory over death over sin over hate.  His victory in love and sacrifice- may it mark our souls and light the path of our days!

11AM Palm Sunday Service April 9th, 11AM April 14th
Self-led Meditation on Jesus Good Friday (6AM to 6PM) the day Friday April 19th
Celebration Easter Service Filled with Music 11AM April 21st

New Year

But what is that we bring to the New Year? The same hopes and dreams accompanied by fears and regrets? Resolutions with reservations… Can we expect more this year? Can it really be different? We believe the answer is absolutely yes! Not because of our power, but the power of God and his work through us. When Jesus was gathering his disciples, Philip who had joined went to get his friend Nathanael who openly scoffed that Philip’s Jesus was that special. Philip said come and see. Nathanael did, and became one of the twelve disciples. Come and see. It’s that simple and that complex. We need to come and see what God can offer and what we can offer God in the New Year. We don’t need to understand, or even be full of faith, but we need to come and see! And to ask others to come and see. So this year, will you? Come and see.