Door in Sante Fe, New MexicoIf you do not have a church home we hope that you will consider becoming a part of our church family. One of the best ways to get to know this community is by sharing in the variety of opportunities for learning and fellowship. We have provided this website to allow those unfamiliar with our family to learn more. Further, this website is intended to create better communication with our family. Faith is a warm and friendly place to see God at work and experience the message of Jesus Christ. We are a church dedicated to building a faith community. If there is anyway in which we can make you feel at home here, please do not hesitate to call or contact us via e-mail.


What are you hunting for this Easter?  Join us we explore the story of God 

Lenten Small Groupsflower_snow

I think all of us would agree that we want a close-knit church with caring personal relationships. When we come to church each Sunday we want to know is sitting to our right and our left. We want to know that we matter. The kind of intimacy that we desire for our church family is not possible from worship or coffee hour. To achieve the satisfying relationships we desire we need to engage in small groups. From the beginning of the Methodist movement small groups have been the foundational building block. This Lent I am inviting you to participate in a 5- week small group. Our study will be Companions in Christ: Embracing the journey. The Christian life is often described as a journey. It is a journey characterized by discovery, challenge, change, adversity and joy, uncertainty and fulfillment. The journey is also marked by companionship, first with the one we seek to follow and second by those who also seek to follow Christ. Through this study we will join together for a time of exploration through reading and reflection. Each day you will be asked to read a small Bible passage and be challenged to reflect on the importance of the passage for your faith journey. This Lent, take on the discipline of gathering in a small group. Pastor Hoyt

Blessed New Year!

In the New Year we are exploring the Sermon on the Mount during worship with the goal of answering the question- As I start the year what will it look like to follow Christ? As we start this series, we could talk about how to make wise changes in our lives and stick to them. How can we eat better, or exercise more, or save money? All of these are good things that have their place in the church. This season for us, though, will be more about a different kind of change: How do we live differently? How can we look more like Jesus? Rather than focus on the things that outwardly may make us feel better for a time, we will spend time on the things on the inside that are really hurting us.

During this series you may feel like one of those people in Jesus’ day who were going through their busy life and began to hear whispers about this different Jesus. A friend asks, “Will you come with me to see him?” And you go. You go with all your preconceived notions of what the Messiah might be like. And when you encounter him, he is nothing like you thought but everything you hoped for. Safe? No. Good? Oh yes, he is good. That is the Jesus I hope for us to meet in this series. The real one!