#1 Luke 1:1-7

Reading 1:Luke 1:1-7

elizabeth_zechariahBackground  Luke is referred to as the historian- in part because he takes a broader time view of Jesus life.  Only Luke puts in as much detail before and around the birth of Jesus, as well as carries the story on in Acts past the resurrection.  We will read the beginning of Luke, as stores are trying to sell Christmas, to begin to put the real story in our hearts!  Today, we hear the beginning  a classic Greek style introduction to Luke as narrator. His call is to teach by describing in an orderly fashion that which he has investigated and has determined is the truth based on witnesses.  The story starts for Luke in a very different place than the other three Gospels.  It starts with a faithful Jewish couple who are barren.

Focus Verse Luke 1:7 But they had no children, because Elizabeth was barren, and both were getting on in years.

It is really interesting to contrast the very beginning of each Gospel story.  Take a moment and look at them- what they choose to frame the birth of Christ with.  Here in Luke we start with barrenness and faith.  As we started with Abraham, as we started even in the void of Genesis.  Out of lack, God creates. Out of faith- God builds a covenant for the future.  Out of love, God reaches across loss and confusion and life’s mess to touch our lives and remind us that he is with us.  This is the ultimate lesson of Jesus, and so an apt place for Luke to begin.