Psalm 104 #1

Background Psalm 104, like Psalm 8, is an exploration of God through his creation. However, unlike most Psalms, this hymn doesn’t center around God and humans but about the world and God independent of humans.  The focus is on how God has set up an interrelated creation that shows his caring and wisdom and power.  Like Genesis the Psalm begins with creation of light, then land and water- these are the foundations that life will be added to. The music of the words here is amazing and so visual.  You can almost see all things not forming in front of God, but swirling into existence, around and through him, with God in the center.  Again, it is best read out loud!

Reading Psalm 104:1-9 (see below or read whatever version you like- this was an opportunity for the word smiths through the ages to really let go)

Reflection. This hymn begins like the two previous ones we studied- “Bless the Lord, O my Soul” and “O Lord my God”.  You can almost sense the writer striving to find images and words big enough to really say what God is in all his power.  This is not a request for help, or even a personal thank you.  The Psalmist is stepping out of themselves and expressing the love and awe they feel for God for just being God, the creator.  There is a modern movement called “rewilding” that in part refers re-adjusting yourself through getting out into the wild. There is something in us that needs to get away from humanity and just feel creation around us.  These beautiful fall days, take the time to stop and just be, just be amazed by creation.